Arena Kids Club

Kindergarten in Gerlos

Do you want to spend some time by yourself on the slopes or do you want to relax a bit during your holiday? Then let our professional "Arena Kids Club" team with Billy take good care of your children.

Childeren from 1 year old can play in our kindergarten at the mountain station of the Isskogel lift under the professional supervision of Michi's Schischule together with our mascot, Billy.

Interesting information

  • Seperate sleeping room for the youngest children
  • Several playing areas
  • Playing castle
  • Kitchen to heat up baby food
  • If the weather is nice, all children can play outside
  • Hourly or daily basis, everything is possible
  • By showing a valid ticket for the kindergarten there are
    no costs for the ski lift for one parent (without ski equipment).
  • Tickets are available in the kindergarten
    or in the office of Michi's Schischule.

Make your child feels comfortable

When you bring your child to our day care centre, please bring the following items with you: diapers, wipes, teddy bear, extra clothing.

The supervisors have the right to refuse children in case of illness, due to health reasons (risk of infection).

It is for the supervisors and especially for the children important that the acclimatization will be peaceful and harmonious as possible. Therefore, please, do not stay unnecessarily in the kindergarten.
Trust the experience of our supervisors and go if they ask you to leave.

Opening hours

Sunday till Friday from 09.00 till 15.30
From December 12th 2021 open

If the childcare is closed due to bad weather conditions, we will take care of the children in the valley station of the Dorfbahn.

Sign in

Directly in kindergarten or at the office in Michi's Schischule.

excl. lunch

1 hour 1/2 day* 1 days 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days
16,- 32,- 45,- 82,- 120,- 150,- 175,- 200,-

* 1/2 day = 3 hours

incl. lunch

1/2 day* 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days
39,- 52,- 96,- 141,- 178,- 210,- 242,-

* 1/2 day = 3 hours