Ski courses for our little ones

Ski lessons for children up to 4 years old

2 year olds

Two year olds make their first tracks in the snow with our Billy Minicarver. The equipment will be provided by Michi's Schischule.

  • 50 min. with the Billy Minicarver (plastic ski, no ski boots required)
  • Max. two children per ski instructor
  • Can also be combined with a stay in our kindergarten (from 09.00) 

3 year olds

Children from 3 years old will make their first experience on real skis. They will practice slowing down independently and they will try to make their first turns in a playfull manner. 

  • 2 hour ski class
  • Can be combined with a stay in our kindergarten


Our kindergarten is located at the Isskogel mountains station and accommodates children from 1 year old. The opening hours are 09:00 till 15:30 from Sunday to Friday.. We advise you to bring the following items: diapers, wipes, teddy bear, house shoes, extra underpants etc.

Lunch time

Our lunch break is from 12.00 - 13.00. Children will get a complete and supervised lunch with beverages in the kindergarten.

3 year old children

2 hours per day

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days
60,- 110,- 160,- 175,- 195,- 215,-

Combi offer
(2 hrs. ski class, remaining time in the Kindergarten)

  1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days
excl.* 100,- 160,- 200,- 220,- 240,- 260,-
incl.* 113,- 186,- 239,- 272- 305,- 338,-

* excl. or incl. lunch

Bambi(ni) try-out offer

2 hour try-out € 45,-

  • For children from 3 to 5 years old
  • Only bookable on Sunday or Monday 
  • Bookable at the ski school office only 

Billy combi offer (3 Y.)

5 days € 334,-

  • 5 days ski course (2 hrs a day)
  • Remaining time in the kindergarten
  • 5 days lunch incl. (excl. lunch € 279,-)
  • 5 days ski equipment
  • Billy mascot
  • Ski competition and price giving
  • Kids disco

Billy combi offer (3 Y.)

6 days € 370,-

  • 6 days ski course (2 hrs a day)
  • Remaining time in the kindergarten
  • 6 days lunch incl. (excl. lunch € 304,-)
  • 6 days ski equipment
  • Billy mascot
  • Ski competition and price giving
  • Kids disco

Billy Minicarver (2 Y.)

50 minutes € 40,-

  • 2 Children per ski instructor
  • Course time and meeting point after appointment
  • Only bookable at the ski school office

Minicarver Combi offer (2 Y.)

5 days € 255,-

  • 5 days kindergarten (9.00 - 15.30)
  • 5 days lunch incl. (excl. € 220,-)
  • 2 days 50 minutes Minicarver (max. 2 children per ski instructor)
  • Only bookable at the ski school office

Which ski level fits my child?

50 Minute ski class on plastic Minicarver ski´s,
max. 2 children per ski instructor
2 hours ski class or combi course
(2 hour ski course and 2 hour kindergarten)
We suggest a 4 hours a day ski course,
2 hours a day also available 
Can slow down securely and
make some turns
Can slow down securely,can make proper turns
and can ski blue slopes
Can ski blue and red slopes securely,
start to ski in a parallel position
Can ski blue, red and black slopes, 
parallel position with ski pole planting
Can ski all slopes effortlessly,
off piste, ski race, ...


Your ski level?

Pactice slope village centre

Isskogel mountain station

10 Tips for a skiing holiday with children!

Parents should prepare their child for the ski course. Let your child know how many days he/she will be attending the ski course, half or full days and that you won't be there. Tell him/her that it is important they learn how to ski during ski course, so that after a while, they can ski with you.
It is important you don´t hang around too long when you drop off your children at their ski class in the morning. 
The longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave.
Good ski-equipment
. Let the ski rental shop inform you about your options. Do not rent old equipment. Modern skis will improve the learning process.
Make sure your child is fit for his/her first day at the ski course.
If you arrived late in the evening, we recommend you have your child attend his/her ski course in the afternoon or one day later.
Rent or buy a helmet
. Safety first! A helmet is mandatory for all children up to 14 years old.
We suggest you have your child join the group for lunch
. First of all, it is difficult for the instructor to set a specific time to meet for lunch with the parents. Secondly, the group does not always eat in the same restaurant, they ski within the entire Zillertal Arena area (only groups that ski on red and black slopes).
To ensure you get the class you want, we advise you to make a reservation in advance.(group course and private lesson)
. Only this way, we can guarantee you get the desired ski lesson. Online booking ? Click here!
Get all the information you need from our skischool office: meeting point, lift card, group classification, ski race, presentation, kids disco etc.
Do not book a full day (4 hours) ski course for 2 and 3 year olds. We suggest you book our "combi offer". This package includes a ski course (50 minutes for the 2 year olds and 2 hours for the 3 year olds) an afterwards some playtime in our kindergarten.
TIP 10
Check the weather forecast. If it is a sunny day, it is very important to put on sunlotion. If it is a very cold day, (-20 degrees, for example), make sure your child has enough warm clothes to wear, scarf, ski cap, waterproof ski clothing, waterproof gloves and thermo underwear.


Daily (except Saturdays)
09.45 till 11.45 
13.00 till 15.00
Course hours and meeting point for 2 and 3 year old children by appointment only.

During Christmas and Spring Holidays, our group courses will also take place on Saturdays. On the 1st of January group lessons will start 1 hour later.

How do we classify our groups?

On the first day of class, your child will have to make a small test run (except beginners). The groups will be classified by ski level. Of course we will also consider the children´s age and language.

All courses start on Sunday till Friday.
If enough applications the children can start every day of the week.

During Christmas and Spring holidays group courses will also take place on Saturday. 
On January first the group lessons will start 1 hour later.


Where will we meet?

BEGINNERS (Bambini's)
9.20 practice slope village centre
2 and 3 years old (Minicarvers, Bambi's) after appointment
ADVANCED (Mini's, Maxi's, Kids, Juniors and Super Juniors)
9.20 Isskogel valley station
09.45 Isskogel mountain station (available from December 2016)


Panorama photo with meeting points

Download HERE


At the end of the week your children get the chance to show off what they have learned throughout the week at our ski race. Of course every child will get a certificate and a medal!

(Combi groups 2 hours skiing and kindergarten)
Wednesday at 10.00 at the Isskogel

(skiing Bambini's, Mini's, Maxi's, Kids, Juniors, Super Juniors)
Wednesday at 10.30 at the Isskogel
(Bambi's, Bambini's)
Thursday at 09.30 practice slope village centre


For all children. The presentation ceremony will be held in the open. You will get more details on the spot.