10 Tips for a ski holiday with children!

For parents it is important to prepare your child for the ski course. You have to tell your child how many days he/she will be in ski course, half or whole days and that you won't be there. Tell him/her that it is important that they learn skiing during ski course so that after a while they can ski with you.
When you take your children in the morning to the ski course it is important not to stay too long.
The longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave.
Good ski-equipment
. Let the ski rental shop inform you about your options. Do not rent old equipment. Good new skis will improve the learning process.
Make sure your child is fit for the first day in ski course.
If you arrived late in the evening, let the ski course for your child start in the afternoon or even one day later. 
Rent or buy a helmet
. Safety goes above all! Children until 14 years must wear a helmet.
It is better for children to join the group for lunch
. First of all it is difficult for the instructor to set a specific time to meet for lunch with the parents. Secondly the group does not always eat in the same restaurant, they are skiing within the entire Zillertal Arena area (only groups that ski on red and black slopes).
We advice you to make a reservation in advanvce (group course and private lesson)
. Only this way we can guarantee you the desired ski lesson. Online booking ? Click here!
Let our ski school office inform you with all your questions
such as: meeting point, lift card, group classification, ski race, presentation, kids disco etc.
Do not book a whole day (4 hours) of ski course for the smallest (2 and 3 years old). It is better to book our "combi offer". Our "combi offer" includes ski course (50 minutes for the 2 years old and 2 hours for the 3 years old) and the remaining time in our kindergarten.
TIP 10
Look at the weather forecast. If it is a sunny day it is very important to put on suncream. If it is a very cold day (for example -20 degrees), make sure your child has enough warm clothes to wear, scarf, ski cap, waterproof ski suit, waterproof gloves and thermo underwear.